Saturday, May 30, 2009

Accomplishments - May 2009

An excerpt of checked (though not necessarily completed) tasks from my Google To Do List.

May 2009
  1. Mother's Day
  2. perceive ambiguity as opportunity
  3. Voice Work - ping G
  4. digitize BBQ video
  5. Edit 15 posts
  6. unsubscribe SGU podcast

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Amid the Viagra ads and Nigerian bank scams, I also receive spam emails of a more puzzling nature. EACH line below was the subject line of an email in my Spam folder. I arranged them into poems. Into Art. Feel your spirit soar.

Work is cancelled today.
You are welcomed at party.
Picnic must-have...our famous Table in a Bag.
Many do not trust, but it is real.
Jam, and jelly, and bread.

Woman with artificial butt.
Tired of sunbathing in clothes because you are too fat?
Take a glance her if you feel like an less of a man.