Friday, July 30, 2010

Roku Picks of the Week

Worthwhile viewing available instantly on Netflix.

Love this movie. Filmed in southern Indiana, this movie looks and feels like my childhood summers in Louisville. Paul Dooley stands out as one of the all time great movie dads.

A comedy zombie movie that should appeal to non-zombie-movie-fans too. Great cameo, late in the film.

Most of what I know about The Doors came from the eponymous Oliver Stone film. This documentary fills in the gaps and made me appreciate how spot-on the casting was for Stone's movie. Still don't know if Morrison was a fool or a calculating social genius.

Reading the subtitles absolves me from having to read the wildly popular books, right? Contains several disturbing scenes of Swede-on-Swede violence. I liked the movie enough to want to see the other Swedish movie adaptations. You may want to wait for the American movie adaptation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup Redux

I took a slightly more charitable view of this year's World Cup than I did in 2006. Slightly.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Roku Picks of the Week

Worthwhile viewing available instantly on Netflix.

Parodies are rarely this meticulous. All the nuance of blaxploitation is captured: crappy film stock, boom mikes in the shot, wooden dialog...all intentional and at times, hilarious.

Silverman has built her reputation on being vulgar. The strength of this show, however, lies with the many subtle writing and acting choices in every episode. How sublime is this show? It now has the badge of honor worn by most hilarious television: cancelled after just three seasons.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bachelor Glory - June 2010

  1. Tonight's dinner was quinoa, about 50 roasted in-shell peanuts and 30 cherries. Sorry to rub it in, married gents.
  2. Just purchased a yoga block. You know, so I can really open up my chest or something. Final piece of the puzzle, probably.
  3. This is the penultimate new, new brazenness.
  4. Just renewed for another 2 years. No plans to do anything with it. Just managing and protecting my personal brand.
  5. I hope future cartoonists are able to convey my feelings of vague superiority with a graphic analogous to stink lines.
  6. Note to self - Figure out how to get paid for having good intellectual taste.
  7. Guy just told woman he was hitting on his uncle owned a slaughterhouse. Save some for the rest of us, buddy.
  8. 85% of my books have food stains on/in them. 75% of the stains are salsa based.
  9. Other patron just detailed her drinking schedule for the next 3 days. Hope she remembers time to self-loathe on day 4.
  10. She goes tubing a lot, so you know she's friendly, if you catch my drift.
  11. Yeah, that's right. Talk louder in public, about sports. They LOVE it.