Friday, July 30, 2010

Roku Picks of the Week

Worthwhile viewing available instantly on Netflix.

Love this movie. Filmed in southern Indiana, this movie looks and feels like my childhood summers in Louisville. Paul Dooley stands out as one of the all time great movie dads.

A comedy zombie movie that should appeal to non-zombie-movie-fans too. Great cameo, late in the film.

Most of what I know about The Doors came from the eponymous Oliver Stone film. This documentary fills in the gaps and made me appreciate how spot-on the casting was for Stone's movie. Still don't know if Morrison was a fool or a calculating social genius.

Reading the subtitles absolves me from having to read the wildly popular books, right? Contains several disturbing scenes of Swede-on-Swede violence. I liked the movie enough to want to see the other Swedish movie adaptations. You may want to wait for the American movie adaptation.

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