Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bachelor Glory - June 2010

  1. Tonight's dinner was quinoa, about 50 roasted in-shell peanuts and 30 cherries. Sorry to rub it in, married gents.
  2. Just purchased a yoga block. You know, so I can really open up my chest or something. Final piece of the puzzle, probably.
  3. This is the penultimate new, new brazenness.
  4. Just renewed for another 2 years. No plans to do anything with it. Just managing and protecting my personal brand.
  5. I hope future cartoonists are able to convey my feelings of vague superiority with a graphic analogous to stink lines.
  6. Note to self - Figure out how to get paid for having good intellectual taste.
  7. Guy just told woman he was hitting on his uncle owned a slaughterhouse. Save some for the rest of us, buddy.
  8. 85% of my books have food stains on/in them. 75% of the stains are salsa based.
  9. Other patron just detailed her drinking schedule for the next 3 days. Hope she remembers time to self-loathe on day 4.
  10. She goes tubing a lot, so you know she's friendly, if you catch my drift.
  11. Yeah, that's right. Talk louder in public, about sports. They LOVE it.

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