Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bachelor Glory - July 2010

  1. Just fished a plastic googly eye out of my clothes dryer.
  2. I want to punch these street names in the face.
  3. At my local bar, just heard "vuvuzela" annunciated for the first time. I only read.
  4. Sources close to TJ Shroat expect him to announce on national Twitter, his plans to continue to live and work in Austin.
  5. Vegan dinner at the bar. Beer, waffle fries and salsa.
  6. Favorite table in Aranda's. Watched middle-aged hippie park his tiny pickup, pound 2 beers, and enter. His wife watched too.
  7. Watching New Pornographers at Stubb's. This band has owned my summer music rotation.
  8. BG distilled to its purest essence. Garlic potato chips, loud playlist and a looping drive to Marble Falls.
  9. Monthly Birthday Cake Day at a video game company...Oh, the humanity. I've got the sheet-cake sugar-shakes.

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