Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Have a Dream #7: Big, Floppy Contacts

This was not a single dream, but one I've had several times over the last few months. In the dream, I'm attempting to put in my contact lenses, which have grown enormous. They're about the size of silver dollars, bigger in fact, than my eyes and they constantly fold inside out and fall off my finger as I attempt to mold them to my eyes. Usually in the dream, I've lost my glasses and have no other way of seeing properly, enhancing my desperation.


Jenny said...

From a dream interpretation site.

"To dream that your vision is obstructed, signifies that you are having difficulties and errors in judgment."

Anonymous said...

I used to have that same dream... I'd be cleaning my contact, and like pizza dough, it would get bigger and bigger the more I rubbed it in the palm of my hand.

Eventually, I bought cooler-looking glasses to wear (instead of the 2-inch think ones I had) and my fear of wearing glasses in public (and the disturbing dream) went away.