Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Non Sequiturs - November 2009


  1. The opposite of "informed debate" is "bumper sticker."
  2. The opposite of "Bo and Luke Duke" are "Randolph and Mortimer Duke."
  3. The opposite of "loud drunk" is "shifty barista".
  4. The opposite of "pipsqueak" is "lankysqueak".

This Was Said©
Perfectly sensible sentences uttered by me, now stripped of all context.

  1. Yeah, I don't know, man...something about a Möbius strip.
  2. My life has become a Harry Chapin B-side.
  3. Well Luke, that's either a boy clown, or a girl clown with mannish features. I can't tell from here, and I'm not getting any closer.
  4. I love when people are pimps of the mundane.
  5. Did you see me? I was on the cover of this month's issue of Awkward Encounter Aficionado.

Classic Grift
A public service to raise awareness of notable cons, flimflams, swindles, and cheats.
  1. Social Security Number Sha Boo Ya Roll Call
  2. Hollywood Rhombuses with Blink Martindale
  3. Zombie Dale Earnhardt and the NASCAR Step-Dads
  4. Three Wimps and an Average-Girl

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lush said...

SSN Sha Boo Ya Roll Call is good sh*it.