Friday, April 20, 2012

REDUX: Coping with Loss

Yesterday, I was nominated as a Democratic candidate for Texas governor by my former editor Eileen Smith. She linked to the following column (one of my favorites), which I wrote on the eve of the last presidential election, on how to deal with the loss of your candidate.

Coping with Loss

The byline photo confirms my long-held belief that scowling is slimming. That picture had been taken a few weeks earlier at my 20th high school reunion. I remember thinking at the time, that compared to all those other Baldy McFattersons from my class, I looked pretty damn good. When I see that photo now, I wonder, "What's that fat fuck grinning about?" and "Do I carry all my weight in my head?"

This compilation, from 2008, 2010 and 2012, shows how my head has shrunk as my smile has faded (from grin to smirk).

By 2014, it'll be a frown. By 2016, a grimace. By 2018, rictus.

(Christian Bale in The Machinist)

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