Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breaking through the Apple-Brown-Betty-Ceiling

A friend's mother just posted this photo on Facebook. It’s a bundt cake that she made, along with the issue of Southern Living with that recipe.
Bundt Cake!
Southern Living!
This might be the purest, best "MeeMaw's-on-the-Facebook" moment I've ever witnessed.
Love it.

I hope she posted knowing her two daughters would cringe.
Knowing that she'd get Likes and positive comments from her peers. (Looks amazing!! ; That's gorgeous...........!!!!!!!)
Knowing those peers were all too worried about getting lectured by their own kids about their social media mannerisms to post their prized bundt cake photos.
I like to imagine my friend's mom (who is a delight) pressing Enter to send the post, sitting back in her chair, and whispering, "Boo-ya, muthafuckers."

It's such a fine looking bundt cake.

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