Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Jobs I Can Do

  1. Traveling Charlatan (with idiot assistant)
  2. Maker of Awesome Mix Tapes for Gasoline Marauding in the Wasteland
  3. Penis-sheath-wearing Shaman (while Alka-Seltzer stockpile lasts)
  4. Bishop in the Fundamentalist Church of Steve Martin
  5. Handmaiden Therapist
  6. Star Wars Lore-keeper (original trilogy only)
  7. Miniature Schnauzer Hounds-master
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Misanthropic Hermit (easiest transition from pre-apocalypse)
  10. Mustache Rides (for 5 fresh rats)
  11. Keeper of the Last Copy of In Rainbows
  12. Royal Almond Taster (yep, that's still a job)
  13. Shakespearean Fool to the Overlord of the Barrens
  14. Mexican-Breakfast Forager
  15. Bringer of Nose-Milk from Children


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